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Everyone Says This Is One Of the Worst Ads Of the Year. Here's Why Everyone Is Wrong

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

We’d all like to be interesting, wouldn’t we?

We’d all like to be dealing with interesting products, interesting co-workers, and interesting clients.


There can come days, however, when it all feels the same and very old.

That’s when we steel ourselves and insist on being creative.

It doesn’t always work—just ask McDonald’s—which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

I’m moved to paroxysms of sympathy, therefore, for the realtors at LJ Hooker in Sydney, Australia.


They have a lovely house to sell in Padstow, New South Wales.

It’s a fancy house, too. So it’s de rigueur to create a video that dramatizes the fanciness in order to put some drama into the price.


LJ Hooker’s creative minds really thought hard about the dramatic aspects.

They wanted to tell a story. That’s what the self-help marketing gurus always tell you to do.


You must decide on how moving the story ended up being.

No, I’m not one to walk on kitchen islands, but perhaps you are.

Yes, my wife and I do sometimes dance around the house, but not quite as if we’re auditioning for the freestyle section of Dancing with the Stars.


At least, though, this video was strangely memorable.

Unfortunately, it also went strangely viral.

The comments flowed fast and furiously.

I didn’t know that.

Some used the video for communal entertainment.

Some even noticed the slight continuity issues.

Ultimately, and perhaps sadly, LJ Hooker removed the video. It was, however, uploaded again with a different soundtrack.


Because, oh, people.

LJ Hooker offered this statement:

I don’t know about that.

As the realtor who posted the video, Sam Nader, explained to The Guardian:

Advertising can often be subject to groupthink.

There are ads “everyone” loves and ads “everyone” hates.

The truth is that there are many ads that “everyone” doesn’t realize work very well.


I suspect this might be one.

Imagine buying this fetching property and telling “everyone” that you’ve bought the famous Dirty Dancing house.


I see the house is up for auction on May 11. I bet it goes for more than the owners expected.

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